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The video game forum, if you need help like stuck in Halo or want help... just come in this forum, we like all companies like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo... if you found glitches, cheats or anything else you want to point out you can post here.
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 Don't know much about the forum?

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PostSubject: Don't know much about the forum?   Sat Sep 27, 2008 12:57 pm

OK if your wondering what this Forum does is this: It lets you set up special game matches if your in an Ultimate Gamer gang example; If your in Thunder Crash and you want to have a game with The Moonrunners you ask the War Lord then the War Lord will tell the other team's War lord if he/she will acsept the offer, then you simpily tell the game you want to play like Halo 3, make sure everyone has the game then you set the time then play!
Game Wars: This is not a clan match, this basicly is where you compare 2 games together and see which famous character in it would defeat the other games Character. Example: Gears of War Marcus Fenix vs Halo 3 Master Chief. Advantages Marcus Fenix Torque Bow, Hammer of Dawn. Master Chief Gravity Hammer Energy Sword... you know like that.
Ranking system: This is the Posting ranks... these are different levels for your amount of posts, If you have a certain amount of posts to achieve and you reach the target you rank up automaticly. There are 28 different ranks to achieve. They do get harder and harder but if you like posting you will proboly get to Captain rank in no time!
This site is not just about games, its about anything!!! but games are the main feature but like I said, not everything is about games though! You got the humor area and general discussions area and lots more! So if you wan't to be part of the Ultimate Gamers register now! It free and it takes under 1 minute to register!

P.S. If you can please tell your friends and other people about this website because this webiste will be so much better with lots of members!


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Don't know much about the forum?
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