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The video game forum, if you need help like stuck in Halo or want help... just come in this forum, we like all companies like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo... if you found glitches, cheats or anything else you want to point out you can post here.
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PostSubject: Gangs   Tue Sep 23, 2008 6:57 pm

Hey everyone, I am making some Ultiamte Gamers Gangs now, just for fun and we can start game wars example (The Warriors go on Halo 3 to fight The Evil Eyes) You know like that... anyways you can only be in 1 gang at a time. If you want to be a leader of a gang please PM me. Here are some gang names lined up looking for a leader.
The Eliminators
The Evil Eyes
The Killerz
The Riffs
The Destroyers
Turnball AC's
The Wanderers
Thunder Crash
Iron Guards
Special Ops
Knife Warriors
Plasma Kings
Hell's Knights
The Jousts
Jones Street Boys
The Moonrunners
Baseball Furies
The Punks
If your interested in being a leader of any of those Ultimate Gamers Gangs please PM me. I will take the gang name off the list and put the name of the Gang in a Sticky in a special Gang section of the fourm.
There can be 9 people per gang.
Ranks of gangs
War Lord = Leader of Gang
War Chief = 2nd in command, takes War Lord's place if he/she quits
Soldiers/Brawlers = The troopers of Gangs

Take Care.

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